Machines and solutions for sealing systems

Consulting and Special Applications for sealing systems

ATS also offers consultancy services for optimizing production processes, verifying the logistic feasibility, technological and economic feasibility of certain solutions that are designed and agreed upon between the ATS and the customer.

Machines for processing Gaskets

The moulded gaskets must be processed in order to achieve the dimensional tolerances required by the standards as quickly and economically as possible. In response to the new challenges posed by the global market of overall cost reduction and a simultaneous increase in quality standards, ATS offers its customers machines and solutions designed starting from a basic concept that applies to all versions, with a constant evolution of the models, from the first model equipped with single spindle and manual loading/unloading, to the most advanced model, which is unmanned, with automatic cycle and automated control over the size and quality of the machined parts.

Machines for Back-up Rings

These machines perform the radial cutting on the back-up rings, required to be able to insert them on the cylinder stems already assembled; very simple, effective and immediate to use, thanks to its pneumatic drive system.

Machines for processing Guide Rings

All our machines are designed to speed up the work steps, ensure maximum accuracy and reliability over time and at the same time offer maximum operator ergonomics and safety without compromise.