Machine for distributing adhesives with 2 positions

Machine with Cartesian robot for gluing various components (in this case oven doors); the machine is designed with a dual box system, with which there is always a pallet in the process of depositing the adhesive and the other in loading phase by the operator. You can use all types of adhesives that are commonly available on the market. The pallets can be quickly replaced with others that have electric and pneumatic contact connections.

More and more companies use glues as their component assembly system, also using them for structural elements of their products. To meet this market need, ATS has developed a series of machines for gluing with a considerable range of size and complexity. Also for these machines we start from a very simple version featuring only the adhesive dispensing cycle, with competitive costs and the guarantee of a well executed product, to islands work stations or assembly lines for the production of subgroups composed of various elements (e.g. oven doors for stoves consisting of two or more components). All of our machines have considerable flexibility in that they are equipped with interchangeable bushes with fixed references on the machine body; this way by acquiring a single machine we can greatly expand the range of models with significant savings in logistics and initial investment and the possibility of expanding the range of products made in the future by simply adding new dedicated bushes.

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