Construction of machines for manufacturing sealing systems for hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic applications

Drawing on our many years of experience in synergy with our customers, including some of the major European manufacturers in the field, we have developed a wide range of machines covering many of the inherent processes, post-moulding, gaskets, and sealing systems in general.
Some of the components processed on our machines are:

  • Lip seals of all types;
  • Back-up rings;
  • Piston guide rings; Metal sealing rings (CortecoTM type);
  • Scrapers;
  • Rubber-canvas moulded gaskets and other types upon request.

These components may be made of various materials such as polyurethane, Teflon, rubber, canvas, depending on the types and models. We have the solution for every production need and every budget, providing a choice between manual and semi-automatic systems and fully automated island work stations.
For those who demand the best we provide integrated solutions to realize complex systems and automatic island processing stations, carefully mixing our industry know-how acquired over the years, our innovative, competitive and reliable machines, and our ingenuity, with just one goal in mind: Maximum customer satisfaction.
Each machine and solution proposed by ATS is the result of years of research and experience in the field and is therefore able to meet the needs of the most attentive and knowledgeable customer.

Machines and solutions for sealing systems